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What inspires you about being a business owner?


Owner: Nari (She/Her)
Since I don’t take authority very well, it really made me want to become my own business owner!

When I worked for other people, I was a receptionist at my mom’s hair salon from 16-18 years old, then I was a barista at starbucks, then I was a receptionist at another salon, then I work for a photography studio and then finally worked for another spa. Going through each of these phases, made me realize more and more that I needed to be on my own.

That way I would finally have the freedom to create the space, the art, the social media, the vibe, the EVERYTHING the way that I visioned it to be. It comes with a whole lot of hard work, drive, effort and tears but seeing your dreams come to life really fulfills your soul in ways that I cannot explain.

And that’s what inspires me and pushes me to be a small business owner!

What is a struggle you overcame?

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE F0R BETTIES WHO MAY BE GOING THROUGH A SIMILAR SITUATION? Authenticity > Everything Be the person you want to be + expect whatever energy you are putting out to be coming right back at you. There’s a reason why I love my room + space so much — it’s because it truly is ME in the room. I know that when people book my services, that they are choosing ME as the provider + coming into a space that truly represents me as a person + the vibe i want to put out! Fellow estheticians + small business owners, there truly is no competition in whatever industry you are in. There are SO many clients out there waiting to find THEIR PERSON. The person they resonate with the most. The person that they feel comfortable with. The person they can chat with + enjoy having a service with. You aren’t for everyone — and that’s PERFECT. You don’t want everyone! You want the people that choose you because they are your ideal client. Check in with yourself — does your brand identify WITH YOU? Or does it mimic someone else that you’re trying to be? You are something special + You have something special to give to anyone that walks in your door or comes into your life. Acknowledge that + be the person YOU want to be. Authenticity over everything else, babe.

what is one way you enjoy taking care of yourself outside of your business?

OOO I LOVE THIS. I have way more than one! My bi-weekly cupping appointments with B Well Brade, my 3 week nail appointments with @itwerkforglitter, my quarterly hair appointments with @hairmakeupsimone, my 3 times a week workouts with @megmfitness, my early morning coffee sessions with myself in my quiet apartment with the morning light peaking through my windows or just being able to take a CBD infused bath from @coloruptheraputics.

How do you currently help the local community?

I love being able to support fellow boss babes that I come across in my glow room or just through social media! Being able to create connections with locals throughout Colorado + just all over the States is something I truly love. I love being able to supplement a income because others are choosing to support my small business + then I love being able to use part of my income to give back + support others’ small business as well!

what's a gift you would recommend from your shop?

I would gift my Epic Glow Hydrafacial Treatment! It gives a babe everything they want — exfoliation, hydration, brightening of the skin, a more even complexion and of course, A GLOW!

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