The Emergency Bettie Fund (EBF) is a mutal-aid donation pool dedicated to members of BBP. Each member of BBP is allotted $300 in emergency funds, when funds are available, from the fund per calendar year to assist with short-term financial crisis situations year-round. More details below on how the fund works and who it serves.


As many of our supporters are aware, we have kept this fund running for nearly five years as an incredibly small team. As we enter 2023, we have decided that without proper support and funding we cannot sustain the fund. We will be fulfilling requests currently in the queue as we can and will likely not be reopening the fund after it is depleted. 

We hope to find a new team of non-profit minded souls that want to take the reigns of this fund, but until then we will be reverting our resources back to our roots as a social community. We appreciate your understanding, please reach out with any questions.


We’re here to end the age old debate: food or X. “X” represents anything essential that’s forcing you to forego eating to afford. At BBP we believe everyone deserves a warm meal, even if they are struggling. Additionally, we strongly believe that necessary medicine should not be a “this or that” debate either. If you or your family needs food or medicine, reach out for assistance.

How We Help:

  • Food packages delivered to your door
  • Gift cards for groceries
  • Medicine discount sourcing
  • Medicine cost coverage


Sometimes life happens, it seems to happen the most when we’re struggling. You spend all your money on rent only to be slammed with a late fee on your water bill, in our opinion – it’s not fair. BBP can help you with your utility bills to curb late fees and ensure service. Our approach is to work with the utility service first for a discounted or deferred rate before full coverage. 

How We Help:

  • Consult with utility/bill company
  • Coverage up to $300 on your utility bill
  • We consider internet a utility!

*Please note, withdrawals max out at $300 per member, per calendar year.


Whether you need transportation to a doctor’s appointment or you need gas to get to and from work until payday, we got you! We understand that a small setback like being unable to afford your bus fare for the week has huge impacts, so we are taking a proactive approach! This is still for emergencies only, not joyrides, but do not hesitate to reach out if you need transportation.

How We Help:

  • Gas cards  / Lyft gift cards
  • County-attributed reimbursements
  • Rides to/from medical appointments

how it works

Read more about how the Emergency Bettie Fund works for our members and how you can tap in.

You must have been a member of one of our local chapters for at least 30 days to be able to utilize the EBF. In very special occasions we may make an exception. All situations are considered on a case-by-case basis. The purpose of this fund isn’t to make your month a little more comfortable, these funds are for emergency situations only.

After you have submitted the following form, our board will connect you with our director to set up a time to go over your benefit options. After you have met with the director and your specific situation has been reviewed, we can begin processing your request.

Our EBF office hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. Requests made outside of these hours will be handled the following day. As a reminder, the board strives to maintain the integrity of the Emergency Bettie Fund, and we aim to pay bills directly or with gift cards to protect the individual and the organization.


Looking to make a bigger impact?

Whether you’re a business looking for an awesome opportunity to connect with an engaged, local audience of women or you simply want to see us THRIVE – we’d love to chat! 

We have several tax-deductible sponsorship opportunities as well as events and other initiatives. We’d love to collaborate with you.


“In 2018 I lost my job and my fiance, I was suddenly without any kind of income. or even a safety net – plus super depressed. Letting bills pile up seemed like the only option, but it wasn’t. I’m so grateful to the BBP team for not only helping me get set up with a local rent assistance program, but they stepped up and covered my water & electric bills to help me start my new life on an even better foot, too.”

Rebecca P.

Member, 2018


In order for us to have a successfully functioning Emergency Bettie Fund, we rely on community donations and sponsorships. However, not everyone feels comfortable handing over their money without something in return. To mitigate this, we’ve launched a merch shop! Check out all the cool swag you can purchase, here. Proceeds from these products goes into our Emergency Bettie Fund.


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