The Emergency Bettie Fund (EBF) is a mostly crowd-sourced donation pool dedicated to members of BBP. Every member of BBP is allotted $300 in emergency funds from the fund per calendar year to assist with short-term financial crisis situations. More details below on how the fund works and who it serves.


We’re here to end the age old debate: food or X. “X” represents anything essential that’s forcing you to forego eating to afford. At BBP we believe everyone deserves a warm meal, even if they are struggling. Additionally, we strongly believe that necessary medicine should not be a “this or that” debate either. If you or your family needs food or medicine, reach out for assistance.

How We Help:

  • Food packages delivered to your door
  • Gift cards for groceries
  • Medicine discount sourcing
  • Medicine cost coverage


Sometimes life happens, it seems to happen the most when we’re struggling. You spend all your money on rent only to be slammed with a late fee on your water bill, in our opinion – it’s not fair. BBP can help you with your utility bills to curb late fees and ensure service. Our approach is to work with the utility service first for a discounted or deferred rate before full coverage. 

How We Help:

  • Consult with utility/bill company
  • Coverage up to $300 on your utility bill
  • We consider internet a utility!

*Please note, withdrawals max out at $300 per member, per calendar year.


Whether you need transportation to a doctor’s appointment or you need gas to get to and from work until payday, we got you! We understand that a small setback like being unable to afford your bus fare for the week has huge impacts, so we are taking a proactive approach! This is still for emergencies only, not joyrides, but do not hesitate to reach out if you need transportation.

How We Help:

  • Gas cards  / Lyft gift cards
  • County-attributed reimbursements
  • Rides to/from medical appointments

how it works

Read more about how the EBF works for our members and how you can tap in. 

Not a Current Member?

If you are not already a member of your local Bad Bettie Project chapter, you will need to join in order to be able to pull from the fund. Click below to learn more about our chapters and how to join.

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step 1

If you’re finding yourself facing a short-term financial crisis – BREATHE, we got you.

Step 2

Reach out: fill out the form listed here with your full name, e-mail address and the details of your request in the message area.

Step 3

Include in your request which BBP chapter you’re part of, your problem and your timeframe/deadline. We may ask you for additional information including proof of a bill or identification.


Wait for approval! Most cases $50 or less are approved within 1 hour and at most 72hrs. Every situation is handled on a case-by-base basis with a 98% approval rate.

Looking to make a bigger impact?

Whether you’re a business looking for an awesome opportunity to connect with an engaged, local audience of women or you simply want to see us THRIVE – we’d love to chat! 

We have several tax-deductible sponsorship opportunities as well as events and other initiatives. We’d love to collaborate with you.


“In 2018 I lost my job and my fiance, I was suddenly without any kind of income. or even a safety net – plus super depressed. Letting bills pile up seemed like the only option, but it wasn’t. I’m so grateful to the BBP team for not only helping me get set up with a local rent assistance program, but they stepped up and covered my water & electric bills to help me start my new life on an even better foot, too.”

Rebecca P.

Member, 2018

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