Jobs4All – LGBTQ+ Career Fair

Thank you for Joinin us at Catbird Hotel For Our Gender-Identity Inclusive Job Fair!

You can’t deny it– the corporate landscape is changing and with it comes a lot of great progress. Yet, in 2020 1 in 5 LGBTQ+ identifying experienced harassment or violence in the workplace as well as 54% of women in the workplace.

Since the pandemic, more and more individuals have become emboldened to say enough is enough and pursue a new, safer work environment. At Bad Bettie Project, we’ve always been committed to helping others tackle personal & professional development and we believe as a city with one of the largest job growth rates (45%) it’s imperative we give women and LGBTQ+ individuals an equitable opportunity.

Our answer to the problem? Provide a platform for businesses with a strong culture of diversity + inclusion to meet and hire Denver’s top-talent within the LGBTQ+, BIPOC and femme community. 


Levi Teachey

Levi Teachey is a proud out and open trans man, current President of the Denver PFLAG Chapter, and co-lead of the Trans* and Gender Expansive Federal Group.

He served in the Navy under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and has experienced many other forms of job discrimination.

Levi lives with his two dogs, Tuck and Rocky and loves good beer and great adventures. 

Otisa Eads

Otisa Eads is an HR & Systems Strategist Consultant to help established business owners create systems that optimize their business for growth and expansion.

In addition, Otisa loves creating strategies with start-ups, Non-profits, or business owners who want to expand their choices with new aligned and effective solutions to the problems in their business.

In her HR expertise, she specializes in creating strategies, on-boarding systems, and leadership development coaching & training. Otisa is passionate about organizational culture and DEIJ when she is working with clients and speaking at events.

Danie Maravelas

Danie Maravelas has been an IT professional for a decade and has been primarily focused on IT software solutions in the Healthcare and Health & Wellness space.  She specializes in Software Product Management has been in a product leadership role for the past 5 years.  In addition to her primary role she is also active in ensuring the organizations that she works with are committed to changing and improving hiring policies and practices to be inclusive and equitable for all. 

Outside of the office Danielle also does pro-bono recruiting and career coaching for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC folks and also is a mentor for cohorts of Fullstack Software Engineers with the Prime Digital Academy.  In her free time you can find her cycling hiking, camping, travelling, and enjoying concerts and music festivals. 

Melody gambino

Born in the one of most impoverished “hollers” in Kentucky, Melody Gambino was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness in a large Italian-American family in New England and New York. Highlights include being held at gunpoint the first time at 2, quitting the JWs by getting her first tattoo on her 18th birthday (also the first she ever celebrated), leading 5 companies through acquisition, founding and running NY’s mBolden chapter and the subsequent merger with SheRunsIt. Her life goals include providing support to sexual trauma survivors, children of cults, the high-performing mentally ill and those still fierce at 41 shopping at Forever 21. She can be reached on all the socials or


Teague McDaniel (they/them) is the founder of Creative Integration Initiative (CII). CII is a Denver based arts organization that aims to be a beacon for creative vitality. Teague offers commercial art consulting, creative entrepreneurship coaching, and project based initiatives through their work at CII. In addition to this work, Teague is a parent, studio art professor at MSU Denver, acts as a DEIA committee co-chair on a nonprofit board, and makes artwork related to their experience of being a trans non-birnary and genderfluid person.